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Passage of game Deathmatch Classic
tekijältä Deathstroke
This passage of game Deathmatch Classic. I have made it itself. You can look at game video passage. I will show this game from the beginning to the end. Deathmatch Classic or DMC is a multiplayer video game developed by Valve as a tribute to Quake...
Deathmatch Classic Weapons and Items
tekijältä OrangeOz
This guide lists and gives information about all the weapons, ammo types, armour pickups and power-ups in Deathmatch Classic....
Les armes
tekijältä NextgenZ-
Ce guide vous permettent d'apprendre un peu plus sur le jeu deathmatch-classic, en l'occurance les armes. /!\ Attention, tutorial uniquement rédigé en francais....
Deathmatch-Classic Basics (German/Deutsch)
tekijältä Cybaerheavy
Eine kleine Hilfestellung für Newbies !...
standard weapons
tekijältä '_flames_'
information about using the default weapon. and the Customized weapons....
how 2 get good
tekijältä gccsus
how 2 be good at this amzing game with stuff and guns...