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TinklyBiscuit 2012年10月12日 13時31分
I need help.
I have downloaded AG4, and i have half of the screen missing, all i get is a blue line, across half the screen. i validated the files. but it didnt work. any ideas?
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Jost Amman 2012年10月12日 16時57分 
Update Graphic Card drivers to latest. Switch off ambient occlusion (if you find it). Just a random idea lol
TinklyBiscuit 2012年10月13日 2時13分 
Did that, i've uninstalled it, and im gonna re-install it, see if that works. thanks anyway
TinklyBiscuit 2012年10月13日 13時46分 
No difference, i am lost for ideas. Anyone please?
Tnuki 2012年10月30日 18時47分 
I had this same problem, this worked for me, if you have an AMD graphics card, open up the program that usually comes with Windows 7 computers, configure your gaming graphics, and set it to use the anti aliasing that the game uses, not a custom one you use. That might be hard to understand, if you need more help, add me or whatever :P.
1-4 / 4 のコメントを表示
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