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so can i properly free roam or what?...
so i kinda completed story even tho i couldnt watch the ending cutscene cus it was stuttering as ♥♥♥ for some reason

after i skipped the cutscene

i went to the title screen trying to load my game agian
and then i spawned at the beggining of this (easy)
final battle

is there any way to go back and play free roam IF NOT
then this game sucks kinda bad
why wasting time on a char to lvl him when u just spawn at the boss fight agian....

or do i have to do the same as in fable
that by watching the ending credits i can go and free roam?!

plz tell me i love the gameplay but if i cannot play free roam then this games sucks kinda bad
i had just left all side qeusts to do em after the story plz PLZ tell me free roam is possible

(if its only possible by going back then it doesnt feel like i completed the game and then its just kinda a waste of my time playing this game I ENJOYED IT SO MUCH untill this end plz PLZ)

gimme that good news :(
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ArcaniA > Общи дискусии > Подробности за темата
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