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GPU overheat?
I recently bought ArcaniA because i loved the game on Xbox, Now, When i start the game up my GPU temp flys up.
My machine is able to handle most if not all games on High, But this, I can barely run on Low due to Temp hitting the 70s I have MSI Afterburner to keep my card cool, But its no use it still hits the 70s.
Does anyone else have this problem?

My machine is clean, No Dust, Card is brand new. its GeForce GTX 660, I have more than enough memory (8gb) and i have a i7-3770 3.4GHz processor.

If this can't be fixed how do i get a refund, If at all possible?
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Have you checked to see what sort of FPS you're getting? My guess is that maybe you don't have vsync enabled, or if you do, it's not working correctly.

Happened to me in STALKER...vsync in that game is broken; I was getting 500FPS+ in-game and my 6970 was making a mad dash for 80C. If you're getting crazy out of control FPS, use a frame rate limiter (I like D3D Overrider myself) to lock the game to 60FPS and see if that keeps your card any cooler.
__ 2013年8月29日 21時18分 
vsync doesn't help here. all it does is slow the game down to the point of it being unplayable. that is if you even get to play longer than 10 minutes.
this is the only game that has forced my PC to reboot.
I'd like to get some real support or my money back to be honest.
because right now it's not healthy for my hardware and I doubt it will ever be since the publisher is bancrupt.
__ 2013年8月31日 8時05分 
the problem was one of my gpu vents that wasn't running at regular speed anymore. I put some oil in there, set vsync to adaptive and works without a problem.
So you see.. Not always software to blame. Keep yer hardware clean and tidy too, works like a charm.. If you still get overheats, you always can install better cooling fans or downclock your card a bit on a different, special made, account like "card saviour" or w/e.
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