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Jonk 2013年8月20日下午6:13
win8: black screen on startup and.. more
So i've bought and installed it.
Set sound output to 16bit 48khz, doesn't matter it's the same as with 24bit.

I've got Win 8 Pro 64bit.
Nvidia 570 gtx ti.
Now when I press PLAY I get a full screen dx surface then it's minimized and if I press it, it just minimizes back.
So I've went to verify game cache.
Weird enough the game starts when I press "verify the game cache".
Alright.. it's annoying but I can get it to run this way.

Now I'd like to play in German.
So I've set the language in Steam to German.
After it worked for a while, moving or patching or w/e files,
I've pressed PLAY and the game crashed. lol.
Now I've went and pressed verify the game cache, game crashed and it verified, I didn't cancel.

Pressed verify again to run it.. the game is in English. lol.

Where can I get real support?
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Jonk 2013年8月20日下午7:51 
solved by rebooting ( also setting sound output back to 24bit 48khz)
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