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tjhall1000 2013年8月15日 17時02分
no more gameplay after killing loam vermin queen???
so im killing the queen like the witch wants.... as soon as the queen dies, the gam eloads and im standing on a beach in another country talking to diego and them saying ivy is dead??? wtf?

what exactly did i miss??? is this spos to happen? i dont even wanna continue cuz this doesnt seem right, how do i go from killing queen to whole world changes instantly?

did the game glitch and cut out something after killing queen vermin? ive reloaded multiple times and rekilled queen, same result
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grimlog 2013年8月16日 11時10分 
This is what happens.
Darq 2013年8月20日 19時58分 
yeah there's vid that explains it.

The village gets raided and Ivy gets killed, Diego says that he'll bring you over to the continent
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