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ithaqua 2014年5月19日 14時39分
Playing this is a reminder of how good Gothic 3 was...because this is not.
This is the dumb blonde of games, pretty to look at but empty headed and boring. It's a third person game, so you lose some immersion right there. It's painfully evident that this was a cynical attempt to grab some of that sweet console money by dumbing the franchise down to the point of being relatable to fruits and vegetables. The designers should be ashamed of themselves. Gothic 3 (after patches) is a game I still think fondly about today, it was a completely engrossing game and story. This is a hack and slash, by the numbers, been there done that cash grab made for ADHD 12 year olds.
If you are an idiot, or very young or maybe have never played a game before, by all means, go ahead, you may have fun. If you like action RPGs…stay away.
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RPGEndBoss 2014年5月30日 12時45分 
You sum up my feelings about this game as well as Gothic 3.

Funny thing is I hated Gothic 3 because it wasn't as good as 1 and 2, but when Arcania came out I went back to 3 and realized how good it was.

So if anything, Gothic 4 wasn't a total waste; it taught me to appreciate Gothic 3.
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