Tiny Trees 14 mrt om 10:45vm
Collectable items quests.
The Forgotten Graves
The Staues of Lord Dominique
Hatred's Reaper
Ancient Relics

Of these four quest I am not managing to collect very many. I have about thriteen statues and a couple of the other types, but that's it. I am maybe 66% thought the game.

Anyway I googled the quest to find out what I could, and work out why I have found so few of them. The items are spread fairly equally along the game so really I have just missed them.

I am wondering now if I should travel all the way back to search again. The prizes for completing these quests are brilliant. However I searched thoroughly anyway as I have played. They must be well hidden. I mean I look everywhere, always around the back of things. You can't miss the items because they glow when you are near them. Maybe I should just use the online guides to where they are and go get them all.

To be honest they are a lot of work whichever way I go. Otherwise I really like Arcania.
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Tiny Trees 31 mrt om 10:47vm 
Does anyone advise I go back and get the collectables.

I have come to a stop in playing. It's coz where I am in the Black Gourges, there is a ledge and when I drop down I can't return. It is possible to get back up, but it's hard and not certain. I did it once but can't do it anymore.
Velox1 24 apr om 8:23vm 
I think it depends on what type of character you are:
Innos Statues - The health regen from this item is huge. Definitely worth it
Beliartifacts - Only useful for a ranged character, I never used it as melee
Relics - I don't think the torch does anything, and the robe is obviously for mages
Graves - The rune seems nice, but I beat the game pretty easily without it.

Long story short, find a guide and grab the Innos statues. You'll be glad you did.
CarlinFan 28 apr om 7:29nm 
Good grief. 'Beliartifacts'? Seriously? *facepalm*

Why not Innostatues? Adanostuff?

Granted, Gothic didn't take itself too seriously, but this is a fricking disgrace. On top of the mere existance of this game.

Edit: Health regen? Health REGEN? HEALTHREGENDSKFNGM;;S:...fsd*beeeeeeeeeeep*
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Tiny Trees 29 apr om 12:02vm 
Yeah I was wondering too if there was a chance to find a good ring that would do the same job anyway. I have not moved on yet though and have the game on hold. No worries. Thanks for your thoughts.

(Nothing wrong with health regen though, coz this is a world of magic. I like Arcania - lots. Fair enough if you don't.)
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