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Ves Jun 24 @ 2:14am
Demo not working
Is there some reason why I can't choose anything at the main menu? I can hit arrow keys and choose options but then nothing responds except for escape. Also it seems to default to my 2nd monitor.

Any way to fix either of these problems? Not buying the game if the demo doesn't even work.
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Poobah Gorg Jun 30 @ 2:33pm 
I have both of the same problems.

Of course I have a mouse (sweet Logitech TrackMan optical that they don't make any more, I'll be sad if/when Windows drops USB support). I've also got an Xbox 360 clone controller using the MS standard Windows driver for (works fine with everything out there). I can only use the Xbox controller, not the mouse, although the mouse pointer always appears.

While running the game itself, there's no way to get past the OK prompt after you talk to the chief's daughter in the introductory section.

I guess I just saved myself $4.99 by checking out the demo? Has anyone that the actual game works for had these problems with the demo?
Ves Jun 30 @ 3:26pm 
I have a ps3 controller emulated as an x360 controller (works with everything so far) and still wasn't able to select anything...glad I checked out the demo first before just buying the game.
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