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Jibpsy Jul 7, 2014 @ 2:36am
Game Wont Open (Fixed)
I tired the demo, worked fine, bought the bundle on sale, game didn't work. I click PLAY and nothing happens. I have it installed on my internal drive so I knew it wasn't because it was on the external drive (I have a buch of games that need to be on the internal drive for some reason or the wouldn't even open). I went to the game folder and found DirectX, PhysX and vcredist and installed them and that didn't help. Then I right clicked the program file and clicked troubleshoot compatibilitiy and first it tried windows 7, didn't work at first, then it tried the next setting which worked. I think it was win xp service pack 3. I tried to check it and went through windows 7 and that works now too. If you are having issues make sure it is on an internal HDD partion, and try the DirectX, PhysX and vcredist setup and then compatibility and hopefully it will work for you. If not there isn't much I can do. I don't know what the issue was exactly but I know I can paly now. Anyways, good luck.