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StealingFoodIsWrong! Jul 2 @ 12:56pm
Game crash. FIX THIS, STEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I played the demo earlier to see if my computer could take the game. It worked fine and as a charm, played for a couple of minuets. I buy the game and isntall it, along with EVERYTHING in the redit folder. vshit, direct, physc everything. and i get the "Game has stopped working" and its name "failed moduel name" or something IS arcania.

I have tried everything that out in the web. Drivers, uninstalling and re install with latest physx. sound drivers, video file in the doc folder... seriusly EVERYTHING. starting in compability mode, admin EVERYTHING! and nothing works.

I want my money back. Or a fix?

I love this game and i wanna play it? Why did the Demo work perfect and my full game dont?