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Tiny Trees Aug 5, 2014 @ 7:29pm
Arcania - warning about verifying cache files. Any ideas please.
I verified cache files and it aquired a 1.8MB file. Since then I have issues with the game.

First it was crashing at launch, but somehow that corrected itself.

Since the verify files I have a problem with the shadows. They are noticabley jerking across the ground incrementally. Normally they would move slowly as the sun moves across the sky. Further veryfiying cache files does not make any corrective proceedure.

I have done a system restore to before I aquired the 1.8MB file. Not fixed it.
I have re-installed the game. Not fixed it.
Rebooted, re-installed again. Not fixed it.
Re-installed PhysX. Not fixed it.
Cleaned registy for errors. Not fixed it.

I have no more ideas. Any ideas from anyone would be welcome. Thankyou.
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