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D0ssis Feb 17 @ 7:57pm
Graphical mod for Chaser.
Hello everyone,

I do have some plans for making an graphical/texture mod for Chaser. Changing all the current textures to bigger resolution and sharper custom ones, hoping to give it more "next-gen" look.

I have several years experience from Photoshop for making textures etc, and making games in general with Unity3D, so I'm familiar with pretty much everything what modding/doing games needs.

Now, would YOU be intrested about testing this one if I start to do it? Is there even enough players for Chaser?

- D0ssis
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[IF-III-Tech] urzu-7 Feb 20 @ 2:39am 
How about ENB seeries effects?
Merge Feb 23 @ 12:47pm 
D0ssis Feb 24 @ 8:34pm 
Originally posted by IF-III urzu-7:
How about ENB seeries effects?:diwrench:

I'm not so sure that you can use ENB Series on Chaser.

Originally posted by Merge:

Yep, to what?

- D0ssis
I'd be interested to see what you can do within the limitations of the engine.

We have no bump-mapping on the Chaser version of CloakNT 1. We also only have static cubemaps and the like.

However, could be interesting :)
kanan348 Jul 3 @ 4:39pm 
Chaser is one of my favorite games so i'm willing to help as much as i can
Skulleater Jul 24 @ 5:19pm 
any news on this?
kanan348 Jul 26 @ 1:23am 
Sadly it seems like we wont see a mod for chaser (
Originally posted by Skulleater:
any news on this?
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