Mazryonh Mar 4, 2013 @ 11:52pm
Aquanox series manuals
Hi, I still own the original games on CD (in English and several other languages), and while the games won't install on more modern systems (a problem I have not been able to resolve using Windows 7 compatibility modes), the game discs do include PDF versions of the ingame manuals. I don't see the game manuals for the Aquanox series here on Steam; any chance I could contribute them to the Steam store pages of these two games?

Aquanox has a richer world than might be evident from the gameplay (or from what the NPCs can tell you, if you have the patience to listen to their "near meaningless babble," as one prominent reviewer put it). You can learn a lot about how best to use the ingame weapons by reading the manual, as well as just what several terms used in the NPC conversations actually mean.

For example, "Lightwater" is in fact a designer drug (presumably in liquid form) that is a commonly prescribed to prevent "habitat rage" (i.e., cabin fever from living too long in the confines of deep sea habitats) and claustrophobia. You'd only learn this from reading the encyclopedias at the back pages of the manual, as the NPCs never tell you what it does.
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The Relentless Mar 29, 2013 @ 8:55pm 
You can already download them from here:

But I appreciate the helpful gesture, nonetheless.
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