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bloodraven43 2012年12月17日 14時55分
is the starforce protection removed from this release and the bundle of all games
just wondering...starforce or any drm sucks.
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flyingturtle 2012年12月17日 22時34分 
According to these two posts from company reps, they removed Starforce or any 3rd party copy protection for the Steam versions of Spellforce. Only protection is the CD key (and steam itself).

Post from JoWood (original publisher for Spellforce) on the old Steam forums for the Spellforce series of games

Recent post (10 hours ago) from Nordic Games (current publisher of Spellforce) in the new Steam forums in the Spellforce 2 Gold Edition sub-forum
最近の変更はflyingturtleが行いました; 2012年12月17日 22時35分
Nordic Games  [開発者] 2012年12月17日 23時24分 
Starforce is gone and the only protection is the CD key (and Steam itself) as flyingturtle already said.
SmyTTor 2012年12月18日 4時06分 
Back in the day, I wanted try play Spellforce until I saw the DRM. Pretty much, the sale was lost. Now, the terribard DRM is gone and there is a very decent promotional sale to complement new content? Looks like there is a second chance. I'm in.
bloodraven43 2012年12月18日 20時40分 
kool hopefully we have a flash sale so i can buy it...thx nordic games for repling
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