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Fix these horrid mechanics
Replicating Blobs are just a bit rediculous. At one time I probably had the entire screen filled with them and I started with two. It took about 10 minutes to clear it because they just kept replicated over and over and over with no real visible loss to HP. Because this was such a problem it ate through my supply of health potions almost instantly. It still took numerous hits with a chakram to kill even the tiny ones. Also, frozen ground. I understand the mechanic to slide me all over the place when I move squares, but if I'm stationary it shouldnt slide me every single time it's my turn.
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Spellbind Studios  [developer] Feb 21 @ 12:25pm 
Hi Braxillian, thanks for the feedback.

Yeah, a chakram isn't a very effective weapon against blobs because they're so low damage ... you might try another type of attack when encountering these.

Frozen Ground
Not sliding the player if they do nothing on a frozen square was in fact how it used to work ,but after a lot of playing and player feedback we learned that it basically made the effect kinda boring by encouraging not to move or switch tactics. Making it always move the player once per turn really spiced it up and made the effect something that breaks up your normal attack patterns when encountered.

There also are a few good way to deal with ice on the ground including different weapons and spells.
Nantes Jun 5 @ 4:37pm 
Not sure if you still care, but there are boots with an enchantment that makes you immune to ground-based hazards (traps, acid, ice, etc.). It's pretty OP.
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Late to the party but if you use such a chakram like mine (even vastely outleveled) you domiate those blobs!
Nantes Jun 8 @ 10:08am 
Originally posted by Anonymous2012:
Late to the party but if you use such a chakram like mine (even vastely outleveled) you domiate those blobs!

That is not a chakram, that is a god in weapon form.
Suma Jun 9 @ 12:16pm 
Remember... This is a game about wizards! There is a spell that will "banish" many enemies at once from the playfield! It works very well if you pump points into it!

I use the frozen ground to "my" advantage! It is a great way to move a good distance from a group of enemies. ;-)

KUDOS dev's! Liking the game so far! Nicely polished!
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