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Popüler Steam Rehberleri Rehberler, bilgiler ve çözümler
Yaratıcı: fatputtycat
This guide will explain the 4 main factions and there advantages over others and their disadvantages too....
Maximizing Profit from Merchants
Yaratıcı: [λ] CannonsMcChop
If you are low on money, or need a bigger score, you need to maximize your merchant profit. Through the course of this guid I will tell you: - How to exploit ships - How to exploit the Shipwright - How to buy goods at a cheap price, then sell them f...
Quick Start Guide to Sid's Pirates!
Yaratıcı: wakko151
This guide wil get you started with basic strategy. It is a simple guide for those looking to get high scores....
Dancing in Sid Meier’s Pirates!
Yaratıcı: Player
Ahoy, mateys!In this guide you will know how to become a successful dancer!...