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Русификатор для Sid Meier's Pirates! (1C)
av Denton4713
Русификатор для игры. Официальная локализация....
Quick Start Guide to Sid's Pirates!
av wakko151
This guide wil get you started with basic strategy. It is a simple guide for those looking to get high scores....
Dancing in Sid Meier’s Pirates!
av Player
Ahoy, mateys!In this guide you will know how to become a successful dancer!...
Maximizing Profit from Merchants
av [λ] CannonsMcChop
If you are low on money, or need a bigger score, you need to maximize your merchant profit. Through the course of this guid I will tell you: - How to exploit ships - How to exploit the Shipwright - How to buy goods at a cheap price, then sell them f...