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Dracula 2013年7月20日上午5:46
Is Dungeon Siege 3 still active online?
I've tried to see if any games were going on, but there were never any online games to join in Dungeon Siege 3 for four days (I counted).

This raises the question of whether people still play or not.
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LazyFly 2013年7月20日上午6:30 
Or what time of day you were attempting to find other players.

DS3's multiplayer is a bit less than what most expected and didn't foster a large community- there are however a couple Dungeon Siege groups on Steam with members that still play fairly often, look 'em up and set up a play date.
Dracula 2013年7月21日下午12:10 
That seemed to have been the problem.

Now all I have to do is wonder why everyone kicks me off.
Azur-Trolli 2013年7月21日下午2:15 
That's me that way. See it not too tight!
Dracula 2013年7月21日下午3:58 
Thanks for the help. Things are better now.
Mando V.R. 2013年7月23日上午3:13 
I just returned to play...
Alucard Vamp [RU] 2013年7月24日上午11:10 
Тихо как-то
bulga 2013年7月25日上午5:54 
no one online
leonarddelange 2013年7月25日上午9:27 
Want to play Dungeon Siege 3. Played it about 2 years ago...
Mando V.R. 2013年7月25日上午9:41 
Lets schedule a day, get past through it in hardcore
and focus also on getting the multiplayer achievements.
Dracula 2013年7月28日上午6:54 
I'll do what I can, but I have difficulties with scheduling anything in general. Should I see any sessions going on, I may just pop right in. I hope i can be of good use during online play.
iPORK 2013年7月31日下午10:31 
true about online play pretty much dead
Dracula 2013年8月1日上午8:55 
Apologies for not showing up often; tight schedules and such.
Mando V.R. 2013年8月1日上午11:34 
Anyone who can schedule a game please tell.
I can be online almost everyday after 11pm GMT-6.
Interested in getting the multiplayer achievements and the hardcore achievement.
Just let me know if you want to play.
Maximum Sloth 2013年8月4日上午8:31 
I'm up for playing online as well..available, usually every day, after 8pm EST. I haven't beat the game yet, just a warning :D
最后由 Maximum Sloth 编辑于; 2013年8月4日上午8:31
Dracula 2013年8月4日上午10:04 
It's alright; I havent either, and I'm on Casual Difficulty.
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