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A Salty Surprise 2013年9月26日上午4:00
Sept. 26 Update: They Gave Us the PS1 Music at Last!
Looks like Squeenix finally decided to listen to us! The music has been changed, now we can all play through the game with the sweet sweet sounds of the PS1 version! Those of you who wouldn't play because of the crap PC music, start up your game, and those of you who played it anyway, have fun replaying it with the proper music. I know I'll be replaying it once I have the spare time. :3
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A Salty Surprise 2013年9月26日上午4:12 
the issue is more that the original ps1 version had really iconic music, and the fact that we got the infamously inferior PC version music was kinda inexplicable. it's something they really shoulda had in from launch, since there's no real reason they COULDN'T have given us the PS1 music. we shouldn't have had to go to the trouble to manually screw around with it. i guess they finally figured "yeah, we probably should've done that in the first place" and gave it to us.
ZeForgotten 2013年9月26日上午4:18 
That's true, the bs they came up with for the PC version was just terrible.
It's just sad that some people probably refused to play the game because of it when all they had to do was download a .rar with all the original music in it and just replace the music in the steam folder. But I guess now it's been made even easier than before. So good on Square Enix!
Rock Hunter 2013年9月26日上午4:23 
Cool news. I'm only a few hours into the game and experienced okay music. Hopefuly this update lives up to my expectations.
Tony DiNozzo 2013年9月26日上午4:43 
[☥] - CJ - 2013年9月26日上午6:11 
Well thankfully you people can stop complaining about the music now. Though im sure you'll find something else to whine about.
Watson690 2013年9月26日上午6:13 
引用自 ☥ - CJ -
Well thankfully you people can stop complaining about the music now. Though im sure you'll find something else to whine about.
The font isn't the same as in the PS1 version ;)
Suavek 2013年9月26日上午6:23 
Still, I'm curious - does the new music loop properly?
A Salty Surprise 2013年9月26日上午7:17 
yeah, seems to loop fine. i only played through the last battles with it though. and i killed the last boss before the song had time to loop.
sullyvano 2013年9月26日上午7:26 
great news, looking forward to hearing it again
Rainmaker 2013年9月26日上午8:20 
Aww I liked the new music. Oh well. I would have liked an option to change it back and forth so that maybe the people who actually had the new music grow on 'em would still be able to use it.
Vulcan Assassin 2013年9月26日上午8:22 
Victory! I can finally play the game now.
Brometheus 2013年9月26日上午9:12 
So ... no other changes?
Erik Butterbeard 2013年9月26日上午10:02 
I had my sound modded, will this interfere with the patch or naything?
Jaccob 2013年9月26日上午10:22 
The music will be replaced by the patch.
Erik Butterbeard 2013年9月26日上午10:25 
Actually my modgot replaced with the new patch music but it's not that big a deal as the mod was just the original files slapped on it
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