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Tommyyards Nov 18, 2012 @ 10:24am
OLD pre-order CD key, and should I get back into it?!
quite a while ago when the game first came out i pre-ordered it and got to a pretty respectable level before I stopped playing due to exams. Now I was contemplating getting back into the game! Should I or should I not? reasons for and again please

and the second matter when I first pre-ordered it how do I get my key because I bought it from their website not steam! Just wondering if I can activate it here on steam or if I can not!?

Many thanks in advance :)
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DukeFelix Dec 12, 2012 @ 9:49am 
1. Your key is from Trion so you need to activate it on your account on trion accounts website, but you can play via Steam no problem - your account remains the same Steam or no-Steam
2. I just came back to Rift when SL hit and I wholeheartedly recommend it, Trion is imho the best MMO company atm, the content is constantly being updated, and the game is compelling as it is
3. If you wish feel free to add me and we can chat more on the subject (if youre looking for company, Im on Argent, character: Lasarion
Haldurson Dec 12, 2012 @ 7:44pm 
I'm also a recent returning player, and I do recommend it. But you do realize that anyone who has decided to return is going to say that it is worth returning. It's like going to a chocolate eater's anonymous meeting and asking if anyone there likes chocolate. The answers you'll get will be kind of obvious.

My only issue upon returning was that I'd been gone for so long, and so much has changed that I felt a bit overwhelmed at first. My solution was to first create new character and start playing on that character for a few days. Then when I went back to my main, I didn't feel quite as overwhelmed. Then again, I'm an older player with failing memory so it sometimes takes a bit longer to jump-start my brain (it's sometimes kind of like a car on a cold day lol).

Things that I like about the game and the changes to it:

1. Rifts, and the associated zone events -- love them, that's what hooked me on the game to begin with. These have not really changed, but they have added new kinds of rifts.

2. Character building -- I've liked Rifts character/class system since the start, Besides adding a new archetype to each class, they've also added these recommended specs. If you choose to do so, you can select one of several specs, and the game will automatically fill in your skill points to fit that build. You don't have to take advantage of this, but it does make it easy to get a decent build. Also changed with the character building is the fact that you, apparently, don't havve to train skills. So gone is that regular expense.

3. Personal dimensions -- Personal dimensions is like housing on steroids. If you like to build things in games, well, now you can do this in Rift (though at potentially a great expense). The starter dimension you get from a quest, and there's not much to it, and not a lot of room to build in. You can upgrade to a larger dimension, but that dimension will cost you 100p, not including furnishings that you'll have to supply yourself.

4. Fishing (and Survival) -- two new crafting/gathering skills that have been added. Fishing is pretty much what you'd expect. Survival is, basically, cooking.

I haven't yet tried everything that's new, such as Instant Adventures, PVP rifts, etc. I just barely scratched the surface on the new zones, some of which have some nice new quests, but some of the quests are kind of the same-old-thing (kill X critters, etc.).

In any case, Storm Legion, and all of the other patches I've missed add up to a lot of new stuff to experience in the game, so I do strongly recommend it.
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