Assassin Gyru 2012年11月26日上午5:41
Civ 3 Not working through steam
It's not my Specs I can run skyrim maxed graphics I've uninstalled it/ reinstalled it 4 times restarted my computer all that fun stuff, anyone have any ideas I'm probably a lost cause.
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petheadard 2012年12月1日下午3:31 
I can't get CIV 3 to work in WIndows 8 on a laptop. Ran wonderfully on Win 7.
zzeke 2013年1月8日上午10:54 
see i cant get it on win7 laptop when i open it, it says that its already open
Mr Comrade Greeting Card 2013年1月9日上午1:49 
I have the same problem and i have uninstalled and re insalled. checked game files, and reinstalled steam.
Assassin Gyru 2013年1月9日上午8:30 
I've even tried putting it into compatibility mode and nothing more info It doesn't even black screen the game does not even start to begin with.
zzeke 2013年1月9日下午12:26 
i figured it out go to ur task manager and go to proccesses and exit it manually and it will let u play
Assassin Gyru 2013年1月9日下午1:39 
Thanks for trying mate but no that's not it, the program doesn't open In general.
zzeke 2013年1月12日下午9:39 
no offense but its because its already open trust me try it
hughneutron 2013年3月4日下午4:40 
Game will not start for me either. Screen blinks twice and nothing more. Going into task manager and killing process manually has no effect on next start up attempt. Two blinks and nothing more. ALso tried just about all the compatibility options also with no luck.
hughneutron 2013年3月4日下午5:06 
Correction on previous post. There is no mention of any civ3 process running when using task manager. any help appreciated. Thanks.
Assassin Gyru 2013年3月4日下午5:15 
Same problem as hugh neutron.
kikokeeks 2013年4月1日上午9:58 
So has no one found a solution? I've run into the same problem...doesn't even show up in Task Manager.
Mr Comrade Greeting Card 2013年4月1日上午10:01 
It started to work again after i got a new graphics card, so mabye uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics card may work...
Assassin Gyru 2013年4月1日下午12:18 
Yeah I figured that was about it out of curiosity I started in safe mode and it did work.. just can't play with friends which sucks hard.
Rastrelly 2013年5月7日下午3:43 
Did you guys tried disabling intro and setting keepres to 1 in conquests.ini? It can actually help. Maybe.
Assassin Gyru 2013年5月7日下午4:15 
How do I do that thanks restrelly.
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