Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete

Princess Trollestia 2013年6月17日下午12:18
How to Buy Civilization 3
Why I do not have the opportunity to buy this game? How i can get it in steam
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Ricky 2013年6月18日上午6:13 
From the store? Civilization III Complete? Not sure what else to say :p
Danny Draconis 2013年6月18日上午8:54 
I can trade it to you for a penny arcade game
masted 2013年6月22日上午12:23 
Have same problem, can't buy game only "add to wishlist" option there.
ozzybuds 2013年6月27日上午7:23 
same problem as masted. what's going on?
The Spanish Inquisition 2013年6月27日下午3:33 
You can buy it on the Steam store.
Princess Trollestia 2013年6月27日下午5:01 
You can buy it on the Steam store.

ozzybuds 2013年6月27日下午7:48 
only option is to add to wishlist.... none to buy
Hiragana 2013年6月30日下午3:56 
any ideas why? Or is it the first time someting like that happend? Is there a way to ask the Support or someting?
BrandeX 2013年7月2日下午9:46 
Epicurus 2013年7月3日上午12:27 
Nope, still can't buy through Steam store.
ShadowMyster 2013年7月3日上午2:44 
I've been dying to play this lately, would have been happy to pay for it on steam even though I have already got the discs, just not with me...
Lagdemon 2013年7月3日上午3:23 
I am busting to buy this for my netbook. I have Civ 3 but it needs the disc to play...

Well butter my butt and call me a biscut, I bought this about 3 days ago so I guess im lucky!
Fugor 2013年7月8日上午3:49 
Check your regions, it's bound to be a copyright law issue, maybe some big guys started a fight recently?
Dashy 2013年7月10日上午7:02 
The "add to cart" button is back for me, so now is a good chance for everyone who couldnt buy it to check again.
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