Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete

Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete

Roach 4 stycznia 2013 o 10:58
Is your love for Civ 3 just nostalgia?
I'm asking this because my first Civ game was 5 (which personally I really like), then I bought 4 ( and it was pretty decent imo, though I prefer 5). Now I am considering 3, but every thread that I read praises Civ 3 endlessly, but almost always is accompanied by 'when I was a kid'.

I am wondering if peoples judgement towards civ 3 and their dislike for the games that followed isn't a bit clouded by their nostalgia instead of a real reason why 3 is better than all others.

I need someone to give me an honest assesment plox!
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Shadow 4 stycznia 2013 o 11:09 
for $1.24 it is worth no matter what.. all the civ family have there up's and down's.
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creativityfails 4 stycznia 2013 o 16:09 
My love for this game IS mostly nostalgia Civ III was my first Civ game. But I feel that Civ III is a decent game in its own right. Civ III is a much more straightforward game and lacks many of the features in the later Civ games, but for anyone addicted to the series who hasn't played Civ III, $1.24 is a good price for a playthrough. Overall what I remember liking about this game was how much you could expand early in the game (No diplomatic consequences for settling next to your neighbors, but they won't turn down starting a war and capturing an undefended city,) and grow your empire over a few dozen turns. losing units didn't seem like that big of a deal when you can churn them out by the dozens every few turns from such large amounts of cities in a usual Civ III game. I also have a novel memory of using spys to spread propaganda and turn other civ's cities to my own from the inside, outward. Double your pleasure was also a mod I enjoyed that was made for Civ III.

TL;DR: Civ III lacks may of the key features in newer Civ games that make them enjoyable. I bought this game mostly for the nostalgia, but there are unique experiences that I'd pay $1.24 for.

Hope this helps!
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AhPeckas 5 stycznia 2013 o 16:25 
I got it just because I really love V
I have IV and didnt get to into it. I got this one ..... Just cause :)
link12313 5 stycznia 2013 o 23:52 
This one has the best gameplay and suonds.
NetiYeti 6 stycznia 2013 o 0:19 
Honestly, I bought it mostly due to nostalgia, yeah... mind you, at the current price - even if you end up not liking it you don't lose much
fucklord 6 stycznia 2013 o 5:04 
civ 3 is much harder than civ 4 and 5. civ 5 just felt like you didnt even have to do anything, civ 3 requires extensive planning, no matter what difficulty
Zanney 6 stycznia 2013 o 8:44 
Lot of great mods for Civ III. Worth it just for Escape from Zombie Island.
Bloody Senpai 8 stycznia 2013 o 2:28 
Well, the game was out in the ~2000...
Nostalgia apart, Civ 3 objectively is a great game. One of his strongest point is the combat system.
Esophos 8 stycznia 2013 o 3:06 
I played the original Civilization and also Civilization: Call To Power. Just bought Civilization III recently so for now I can't comment to quickly on the pros and cons, but I did realise the graphics doesn't seem to make the earlier version of CTP. Not bad so far and it does have the original Civ feel. I'd like to check out the mods Eyebiter is talking about. The $1.24 might make it worth it for you.
search9286 9 stycznia 2013 o 17:34 
If you decide to buy the game get the deluxe edition. I've played 3, 3 deluxe and 5 and like 3 deluxe the best. You can stack units to move with deluxe, but not in 3 or 5. I recently DL'd 3 deluxe on Steam and have not been able to get it to run. I'm trying to get help from Support, but they seem to be busy. Hopefully they will respond in the next day or two.
my love for civ 3 is purely physical
bobapplepie 15 stycznia 2013 o 6:22 
Civilization III is the only civ game I've ever played, but I can assure you that it is incredibly fun and addicting.
EnderWツ 16 stycznia 2013 o 10:43 
this thread just inspired me to fire up dosbox and get Civ 1 out of the box. Its so lovely horrible from a nowadays point of view mixed with the memories xD
maou.tsaou 23 stycznia 2013 o 0:50 
If they had only gone down to individual battlefields for the combat... MoM or the Avalon Hill Titans did. So did Archon I recall. Instead they tryed to make a wargame of Civ and made some Meh hybrid that does neither particularly well. Civ III had it's own strategy that was much more frentic than Civ V. Also, even if you don't like the feel of it, likely not coming from V as expansion is not nerfed by happiness so VERY different flavor, the Secenarios are WELL worth the pitance for the title in your library... and some good DLC as I recall
Lower Level 3 lutego 2013 o 19:22 
It's the only one I have. I don't play it very often and am not very good at it but love it and find hours just vapourise when I fire it up!
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