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Gerarddude5100 2012年8月31日上午12:20
Moonbase Alpha SDK
I think that this game has so much potential on becoming a really good space simulater, if only NASA would release an development kit for this game as i would love to see a Apollo 18 type on mod. As that would be really fun as well as scary
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Harry Knuckles 2012年9月9日下午6:26 
♡Lady iMaasie™ 2012年9月19日下午1:24 
People take this game seriously?
Poop 2013年4月11日下午12:28 
Apollo 18? LOL
Gerarddude5100 2013年4月11日下午2:04 
Apollo 18? LOL

Apollo 18 is a really bad handheld horror film. But the scary elements within the film, would make a really good mod.
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