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Gerarddude5100 2012년 8월 31일 오전 12시 20분
Moonbase Alpha SDK
I think that this game has so much potential on becoming a really good space simulater, if only NASA would release an development kit for this game as i would love to see a Apollo 18 type on mod. As that would be really fun as well as scary
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Harry Knuckles 2012년 9월 9일 오후 6시 26분 
♡Lady iMaasie™ 2012년 9월 19일 오후 1시 24분 
People take this game seriously?
Poop 2013년 4월 11일 오후 12시 28분 
Apollo 18? LOL
Gerarddude5100 2013년 4월 11일 오후 2시 04분 
The Renegade Derelict님이 먼저 게시:
Apollo 18? LOL

Apollo 18 is a really bad handheld horror film. But the scary elements within the film, would make a really good mod.
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