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Stapler 2012年8月16日 12時24分
Best game of all time
oh god its sooooo gooood
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unclghost 2012年8月16日 21時05分 
holla holla get dolla
<3 Tania <3 2012年8月17日 5時45分 
troll !!!
wiregrind 2012年8月17日 17時07分 
voice synths all the way
Brosha 2012年8月20日 18時58分 
America Grapefruit 2012年9月8日 19時51分 
LedinToke 2012年9月9日 9時24分 
Oh Deer ♂ 2012年10月1日 4時11分 
the bad guy 2012年10月5日 1時55分 
Earth confirmed for flat.
最近の変更はthe bad guyが行いました; 2012年10月5日 1時56分
eat my soup 2012年10月27日 16時01分 
Nukes 2012年12月5日 20時13分 
Carnivore 2013年7月4日 14時10分 
if this is your favorite game then you need to go gamestop and get like halo 4
MamBo 2013年7月10日 11時40分 
good game
Beef Taco 2013年7月10日 20時12分 
Stapler 2013年7月11日 21時18分 
omg omg
M'Dannyboi 2013年7月17日 13時02分 
Prologue: Astronaut John M. Gaben ordered a pizza from the A Team while playing the Russian National Pony Shuffle on the Moon. He was then suddenly ambushed by CRJ wielding the buster sword! Madden quickly and as gracefully as the Moon's gravity could allow, picked up the monkey wrench from a nearby suitcase and fought her off. She was launched into the Sun by his heavy swing. JMG heard from Hannibal that he would have to carry it out as their Van could not operate in low gravity. After hearing this disappointing message, he hatched an Idea to use Wall-E to approach the hazardous space alien infested factory known as "Papa John Madden's" and successfully acquire his delicious Italian sustenance. But then, Spooky Scary Space Skeletons appeared and began firing arrows at the Astronaut. He ran behind his rover and readied up his plasma cutter! The walking bones were no match for him. He drove to the lunar restaurant and picked up the square box from the floor. He slowly clutched a slice in his hand and lifted it up to his face, but alas, it splattered against the helmet of his Mark VI Armor. He died from starvation moments later. The End… wait no, not the end… The Nasa Mission was suspended and shortly thereafter, a football crash landed into the moon and destroyed the facility. After many years, the discontinued project was started up again by a man named Cave Johnson, presumed to be Madden’s Cousin. Stuck on the Moon without Wheatley or a Portal Gun, now you must repair the base and find JMG's legendary pizza.
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