Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha

idap296 27. Dez. 2012 um 20:09 Uhr
Is N.A.S.A. planning any more MMOGs
About human exploration of the moon and Mars? Maybe even asteroids? Cuz this simulater is getting old, and I can't find any others.
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Campy 8. Jan. 2013 um 8:28 Uhr 
Hi Idap296:

My handle is Campy and I hear that NASA is coming out with NASA MMO. I am trying to get more information and will supply what I learn with you. In the meantime I play NASA MoonBase Alpha under MB-CampBell and you are welcome to play with me seriously if you are interested.

Supposedly there is a website which will be available at at sometime where you will be able to download the simulation game. I do not know for how much or any other details. The hype is that it will include cutting edge NASA technology for space station, moon base, astoroid mission, mars missions and beyond.

Nonhuman#2 19. Aug. 2013 um 2:32 Uhr 
There will be NFL Football sequel where you can do Football commentary as John Madden
wyn440 20. Aug. 2013 um 17:43 Uhr 
Why do you care? The only thing the trolls care about is txt to speach and John Madden...I was under the mistaken belief that people played games to win as well as you! Sad when Supertrolls disconnect the hard work you do then ask. "Are you mad Bro?" repeatedly...
How can I download the game???
The new website is
but there is no downloadlink...???
Aaaah, i think i have it! It's only playable in second-life!! Just take a look:
Carnivore 24. Aug. 2013 um 10:38 Uhr guys got alot of information off of this
Carnivore 24. Aug. 2013 um 10:40 Uhr 
i just read what ben but up and its called "starlite". 1st thing came in to mind:starmade
Carnivore 24. Aug. 2013 um 10:41 Uhr 
speaking of starmade thats a game! its in alpha i think there are servers and stuff with it and im preety sure it costs 5$ my username:minecraftlover
Starlite is only for iPads? Just take a look:

And Starmade isn't a game for me. It looks like minecraft :D
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