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RAFiredog 25. dec 2012 kl. 12:02pm
How to create a game, Ports, and co-op
My friend and I want to play co-op, just the two of us, so i tried to create a game and invite him, however, it doesnt let him connect, I go into the ports area and try to click 'enable UPnP' but i cant turn that on... how do you create a game without having a dedicated server? Please and thank you for any help, also im in IT so dont be afraid you will confuse me with tech talk, please help
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Syphist-kun 27. dec 2012 kl. 6:23pm 
You need to port forward. Open up the ports it tells you to.
RAFiredog 27. dec 2012 kl. 6:25pm 
I did that on my router, but it says it doesnt work, but i figured it out, says that it wont use UPnP but its now using it so.... i have no freaking idea, thanks though
hunker 14. jan 2013 kl. 10:12am 
it is so for me too
-Axton- 24. feb 2013 kl. 11:52am 
Ever since forwarding the ports and hosting a public game, I havent been able to upload any screenshots from any game on Steam.
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Maid of Hope 29. dec 2014 kl. 11:16am 
I wish this topic could be more helpful. I understand it was made a year or 2 ago, but I'm disappointed not many contributed information. Anyway I know how to port forward but I'm not sure which ports to do so. Someone mentioned it tells you the ports to forward? where exactly?
o3oguy 5. sep 2015 kl. 4:59pm 
Why do all of these dumb steam games force you to port forward? Like jesus christ, just make it like Call of Duty or a game like that. Open a private match, then join your friend.
mjc4wilton 16. sep 2015 kl. 1:42pm 
I found out the solution for anyone that is reading this hoping for a solution,
A: Make sure you are on one internet network, if you have a hardline ethernet to your router and you have the wifi connected to get a better signal, don't do it
B: port forward the following ports:
9777 - UDP and TCP, your router may call that option Both or All or somthing simular
8766 - UDP
27016 - UDP
yes,you have to open them in the Firewall and router,but it still doesnt work..this game sucks
Doosnobs 28. mar kl. 6:24pm 
how the hell do you port forward???
StefkeGejmer 15. apr kl. 12:39pm 
basiclly! Just google: "How to port-forward"
Doosnobs 16. apr kl. 11:05am 
I still can't find out how to do this, someone please help because I have opened all ports and none seem to work
Doosnobs 22. apr kl. 8:35pm 
Huxupul 11. jun kl. 8:07pm 
After a little digging and a head ache later found out to be able to play with friends. Though we were just playing via LAN but I'm pretty sure it will work the same anyway.
I have windows 8 but this should work with other supported versions.

#1 Open control panel.
#2 Click on Network and Internet.
#3 Click Network and Sharing.
#4 Click on Windows Firewall.
#5 Click on Advanced Settings.
#6 Click on Outbound Rules.
#7 Click on New Rule.
#8 Click on Port
#9 Then make sure TCP is selected and also make sure specific remote ports is selected
#10 Next type in the box 9777.
#11 Then click on allow connection.

And there you go you have done the first port. Repeat steps 7-11 for the other ports specified by the game. The list of ports can be accessed in-game when trying to create a game. If any questions arise about this please send a message and I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. Otherwise...

Happy Gaming!!!
sorry for necro. but huxupul opening a port on your pc allows other devices to connect on LAN(local area network). for another friend that is not on ur lan you need to open a port on your router
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