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Jess curry's pancake ass 2012年12月6日下午1:21
Best game since SKYRIM
im so foreal i mean from looking at the video you can connect noodles and face off against another team thats connects noodles
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The Tickle Monster 2013年10月11日下午12:48 
skyrim came out AFTER this game
Jess curry's pancake ass 2013年10月11日下午12:59 
oh.........guess you dont know what a joke is
[ jōk ]

funny story: a story, anecdote, or wordplay that is intended to amuse
cause of amusement: anything said or done to make people laugh
something inadequate: somebody or something that is laughably inadequate or absurd
引用自 jrenaefo
skyrim came out AFTER this game
正在显示第 1 - 2 条,共 2 条留言
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