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Dr. Strangelove 2012年12月5日 20時20分
Has anyone online actually seriously played the game before?
This game is ♥♥♥♥ing amazing and as much as I love the text to speak option I must know has anyone ever playedthe game seriously. Also on a side note, NASA this is what happens when you give the internet to much power we abuse the ♥♥♥♥ out of it! Ebay ebay ebay ebay ebay JOHN MADEN is football
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slothnaut 2012年12月12日 18時25分 
♥♥♥? ♥♥♥! Oh yeah and I've played it seriously. It's not bad, but takes a long time.
bean_warhead 2012年12月17日 13時12分 
yes it does it is not a game realy more a simulator with a few tweaks to make it fit into a game chategory. but i like it and realy can see this being fun and a great team work training tool for kids and stuff seriously alll ya need is a server or something and way to go. i love the realism of this one although it can get a bit annoyingly monotinous wich i guess is pretty much the reality of life in a nut shell.
Kyurem 2013年4月17日 11時34分 
I play the game seriously. Sometimes I'll work with a friend on a LAN server too.
bean_warhead 2013年4月19日 0時44分 
Raptor の投稿を引用:
I play the game seriously. Sometimes I'll work with a friend on a LAN server too.

awesome add me too freind list maybe we can do a mission some time. and ya lan/wan is great my platoon mates and I used to play starcraft in the barracks, was great way to unwind after a ♥♥♥♥♥ of a day. other good games around but that was the one we played on the comps
GA99 [ITA] 2013年4月19日 9時54分 
I play it seriously.
The Major 2013年4月21日 8時45分 
i completed it on the madness map, a little girl took my entire team (7 people not including me) and i had to finish it on my own, but i dead, the little girl got me though (after the end-game message)
Capt.Cliff 2013年5月5日 19時31分 
The Moonbase Projects Corporation group is about the most serious it gets... Check it out.
Wonderland's Guardian 2013年5月11日 8時14分 
I play. Seriously!
alexelXD 2013年5月26日 15時52分 
i play seious
papa 2013年5月29日 13時14分 
Why the hell would we play seriously?

The Gentleman 2013年5月30日 18時48分 
Seriously,I play it.
Shan'do Drachen 2013年5月31日 5時24分 
I play it for the plot.

Yeah, the plot...

The Major 2013年5月31日 5時35分 
Shan'do Drachen 2013年5月31日 11時41分 
I would like to order a pizza.

Hello, can I order a pizza?


Why not?

Because you're playing this game seriously.
The Major 2013年5月31日 11時43分 
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