Bobbyjoeangus 2. joulu, 2012 10.43
Not meant for this
ok i love nasa but lets face it, super awesome space angences that can send probes and stuff to mars and beond are just not meant to make video games. If nasa made a movie than it COULD tren out ok but video games are just not there storng suit. Hopefully they will just stick to what they do best and use there extart money on a submerin to europia and not another bad video game.
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Scary Slynch 4. joulu, 2012 12.24 
RIP English Language
Bobbyjoeangus 4. joulu, 2012 16.36 
sorry! im not good with spelling! :(
Godfrey McNanite 4. joulu, 2012 17.50 
Well, you know, MBA was meant to encourage people to consider a career in technology and engineering. They just didn't anticipate that the text to speech would butcher the game...
Nukes 5. joulu, 2012 20.10 
ebay ebay ebay ebay ebay
Nukes 5. joulu, 2012 20.11 
Sorry couldent help my self. Yes the text to speak does fill the game with trolls.
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