Raunchy Spaghetti Mar 27 @ 10:30am
RIP moon base alpha. need sugestions?
servers are all dead, as in down, forever. anyone have any simmilar/better jhon madden simulator?
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Rainbow_Dash_the_pony Mar 27 @ 5:33pm 
Only if you download TTS program and set it as voice source.
Vrive #Road2Wallhacks Mar 28 @ 8:44pm 
Me and my friends played the john madden song and had a moment of silence for what was, and still is the best game ever. It brought a tear to my eye. aeiou :).
Raunchy Spaghetti Mar 29 @ 3:32pm 
looks like Jhon Madden wont ever be rejected when he orderes piza again D':
Lucasgoode Apr 3 @ 2:37am 
Its still on, people still make coustom ones you know. theres a AEIOU server thats up 24/7.
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Raunchy Spaghetti Apr 3 @ 2:31pm 
its not the same!
Rose May 3 @ 12:10am 
Goat Simulator allows the full John Madden Experience...cept you get to play as a goat.
Raunchy Spaghetti May 3 @ 6:49am 
i saw that, funnything, too. i csme here to tell you all that it has been reborn, in a new light. XD
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