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Ben McLean 2013年7月13日下午10:53
Portal 2 levels?
According to this news story, an "update" removed the Portal 2 content from RUSH.

Is this true?

I didn't own RUSH at the time the Potato Sack was going on and instead bought it through Humble Bundle. But I of course want to get the Portal 2 levels! What gives?
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Micha 2013年7月16日下午11:26 
I hope it's true. Would be an awesome mix!
Ben McLean 2013年7月17日上午10:32 
MichaDutch, apparently you didn't read up on this. They had Portal 2 content around the time Portal 2 was coming out, then this news story says an update removed it. LAME! They should put it back in.
honorless 2013年7月17日下午2:17 
What they removed were the secret codes you were supposed to decode from the levels, not the actual levels. I'm pretty sure of this because in the same update, they added an achievement for completing the levels. (Actual Solution) Why would they bother doing that if anyone who bought the game after that date could never get access to the levels?

Back in April it was said that GLaDOS still has a random chance to appear and take all your hints away, and completing the level without your hints gets you access. The harder the level you're working on, the more likely she will show up. Key to Success apparently has the best chance, and it may also be more likely to happen between April 1 and April 21.

I can't test whether they're right because I already have the levels unlocked, but good luck.
Ben McLean 2013年7月19日上午10:09 
OK thanks
Ben McLean 2013年7月21日下午7:42 
It turns out that this story is false and the Portal 2 levels are totally still there. You don't have to do anyting special to unlock them, just play the game and they should eventully show up. I didn't even get as far as Key to Success. Glados comes and says the level you're on isn't hard enough and if you then beat that level without hints then you get the "ACTUAL Challenge" maps unlocked which are the levels formerly known as TEST
Drizzle 2016年10月23日下午10:58 
I beat glados on solar flare level lmao.
If you beat the solar flare level, you get the actual levels
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