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Jessica 2012年12月3日 3時09分
TOKI TORI 2 -cries-
So I am sick of being let down everytime for the release. 4 times now it's been changed and after months of the same release times too!
First it was supposed to be released in spring then summer... then it was changed to just 2012, now it says 2013... so WHEN do you actually plan on releasing it?
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AaronionRings 2012年12月7日 11時07分 
Toki Tori should be released around Christmas going by the Wii U release date. I was in the alpha for Toki Tori 2, it's in beta stage atm, near final build and it's a fantastic game. Two Tribes have been putting a lot of work into the game and just want to make sure it'll be perfect for going out the door. From what I've played of the most recent build available to people who signed up, it's definitely going to be worth the wait. If they delay something it tends to mean they've thought of something awesome and are working on implementing it.
Jessica 2012年12月7日 12時02分 
ammgggggg fsdhkshkdhskda I hope so!!! and I am getting wii u for xmas omgg woo
Charlie 2012年12月22日 3時52分 
i hope, this time toki tori 2 could support local co-op mod. that would be fantastic
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Toki Tori > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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