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onilink_  [developer] Jan 31 @ 2:10am
[Warning] Modding, read this before any game modification
There is no modding API (modding is not yet officially supported), so if you want to edit some assets, may sure to backup your save files (My Documents/Planet Centauri), because it will corrupt your inventory and worlds before an official update.

After modding, you SHOULD erase the moddable folder (or uninstall the game) before an official update, or your saves will be unusable with the new assets.
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Var Jan 31 @ 5:48am 
Хорошо. А как вы вообще относитесь к модификациям для вашей игры?
Okay. And how do you feel about the modifications for your game?
onilink_  [developer] Jan 31 @ 7:38am 
There is no problem about mods as long as it respects the rules of the workshop/steam (when this will be integrated).

For the moment the only problem is that it's complicated for players to create and share their creations (no good game integration, no tools, no scripting, no robust API, no workshop) without breaking their saves.

This topic is here preventively.
If you don't know what you are doing, just don't edit files without precautions. If you have troubles, just reinstall the game and restore your save backup.
Var Jan 31 @ 9:29am 
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