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HR-03 Mar 9, 2014 @ 6:44pm
Insufficient pagefile space problem
Hi 2 All
When i try to run Sacrifice in a WinXP Sp3 with 3Gb Ram I get this message :

"Insufficient pagefile space. Please insure that Virtual Memory is enabled and that you have more than 128mb of space free on your pagefile drive before running Sacrifice. Go to "My Computer -> Properties -> Performance -> Virtual Memory..." for more information."

And the program quits. Any way to fix this without needing to change Virtual memory and the need to reboot the machine any time I want to play this?

Thx in Advance
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JojoTheSlayer Apr 5, 2014 @ 10:23am 
Why would anyone not use virtual memory with only 3 gigs ram?
No, some programs are set to check if virtual memory is on before starting etc. Specially older games because if you run out of ram you will instantly crash. Back then there was a higher chance of doing so if virtual memory wasnt on.

With only 3 gigs I do not see why you wouldnt use any virtual ram to avoid such errors with some programs and NO. Your SSD wont last any longer without it on as long as it has trim etc enabled... I have 32 gigs ram and a large SSD boot drive and I still use some virtual memory in several applications.
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