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Laffinman Mar 6 @ 4:37pm
Fix to windows 8 maybe
well the beautiful game worked until i got windows 8 and i reinstalled it.. didnt work and reading these threads got nowhere and i wanna help so i reinstalled it again then went to settings i cranked up everything and in options i changed resolution to 32 bit maybe you should do the same hope i can help :)
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JojoTheSlayer Apr 5 @ 10:11am 
?. Game works on Windows 8.1 at least...
Fox May 17 @ 7:25pm 
2 questions:
1.)Where did you go to change the settings and how?
2.)Game works on 8.1?
Fox May 17 @ 7:29pm 
I also don't have the disk version, i have it on steam do you still know what to do?

Laffinman May 17 @ 8:47pm 
are you able to launch the game?
if so there is a settings tab on the main screen

Fox May 18 @ 7:49am 
No i can't get only a second or two past the Shiny logo. For those not finding solutions, i have one. You can go to they have it their for 10 dollar and it, as far as i know, works.
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