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Mostly Harmless 2013年7月22日 20時19分
Does the resolution patch not work on the Steam version?
I just bought this game because it was half off on the Steam sale; however, the resolution patch doesn't seem to work on the Steam version, as Steam's DRM throws a hissy fit because the patch alters the game's .exe file, and refuses to let me launch the game. Does anyone know a way around this, or is there just no way to use the resolution patch for the Steam version?

Also, the game only seems to run in windowed mode; when I try to set it to fullscreen it jumps back to windowed mode instantly. Is anyone else having this problem?
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Jonny88 2013年7月23日 3時54分 
I can't get it into full screen either.
̲̅FREDΖ̲̅™NL 2013年7月23日 13時33分 
The problem is that steam checks kingpin.exe and says it's invalided, so it doesn't work with steam or steam need to fix it :/
You could install the 1.21 patch and overwrite kingpin.exe and it should work.
BlackMambo 2013年8月13日 3時28分 
no it doesn't unfortunately...any solution?
̲̅FREDΖ̲̅™NL 2013年8月15日 2時47分 
Try kingpin 1.21 patch but then you don't got steam version anymore
Arcade Goon 2013年8月17日 21時14分 
I got it to work by applying the 1.21 patch. It now launches through Steam in 1920x1080.
最近の変更はArcade Goonが行いました; 2013年8月17日 23時45分
EasyC 2013年8月19日 18時49分 
Are there any special instructions for installing 1.21?
Arcade Goon 2013年8月20日 0時09分 
EasyC の投稿を引用:
Are there any special instructions for installing 1.21?

I made a guide, let me know if you have any trouble in the comments.
EasyC 2013年8月23日 22時23分 
Hey again. Guide worked great, thanks very much!
jared-apple 1月1日 0時35分 
this works fine .. no need to patch .. perfect for the steam version
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