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Infrasonic Feb 1 @ 11:42pm
My copy fails to start. Crashes immediately.
Heys guys. I need some help. I love this game a ton. Played it so much when it came out. I want to play my Steam copy but it doesn't work.

Each time I boot the game it starts to load and then crashes immediately. I get no further than nowhere. No logos or anything.

I've verified the files, I've searched forums and have come up with no similar discussions going on. I checked up on a widescreen fix but that did not help the crashes.

Can anyone help? Please. I'd love to play this again.
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Infrasonic Feb 1 @ 11:44pm 
Oh btw almost forgot. I am in a Win7 environment with an Asus G73. Plenty of power available for this game.
̲̅FREDΖ̲̅™NL Feb 2 @ 4:24pm 
start with kingpin +logfle 3
and show qconsole.log or show any kind of information about error. Otherwise it just drivers.
Infrasonic Feb 7 @ 9:48pm 
lol what? I do not understand.
PIMPLE Mar 25 @ 6:45am 
Same issue here, game immideately crashes, vanilla steam version or 1.21
Man Without Honour Mar 25 @ 3:39pm 
Originally posted by PIMPLE:
Same issue here, game immideately crashes, vanilla steam version or 1.21

Does an error message appear and refuse to start the game? I can try to send the files if you want.
PIMPLE Mar 28 @ 4:03pm 
Steam error
Application load error 5:0000065434
Sol Apr 21 @ 2:13pm 
Make sure your video card has the most updated drivers. Also try running the game in compatability mode for Windows XP. I also noticed I had the same problem, or a similar one when I tried to change to 3dFX instead of OpenGL. If thats the case, then switch back to OpenGL.
Only win 7 ultimate has windows xp compatability. Try windows 98 or me if you don't have windows 7 ultimate.
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