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Ao Ratio KingKano Sep 27, 2013 @ 9:51am
Whats the brotherhood of steel like in this?
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°|FC|° Snake Plissken Sep 27, 2013 @ 11:19am 
Just a shadow organization. They have some structures you can interact with that will give you some backstory but nothing huge.
Ao Ratio KingKano Sep 27, 2013 @ 11:22am 
do they give you power armor in vegas and 3 they did
723rd C.A.T. Sep 27, 2013 @ 6:13pm 
No they do not give you anything.Fallout 3 sadly breaks way from Fallout lore established in FO1 and 2. Of course Bethsdia now owns the franchise still they kind of meesed up cannon.

You see in the true cannon the BOS is in decline in Fallout 1 they allow you to actually join them becuase in fact they send you a suicide mission (that you can survive) but really they are using you and the trade off is they let you join.In Fallout 2 they are in much deeper decline (80 years after FO1 events) in the game you can only really interact and talk to them there is nothing beyond that.

The primary reason for the BOS decline which is very logical is attrtion.They only do not allow outsiders in normally and this in the long term makes them weak over time as other factions fully alllow outsiders into thier ranks and thus become stronger.In the true cannon the BOS are more or less snobby ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s who horde tech with the supposed charter that it will be used at some point to rebuild mankind.Yet they never get to the re-buliding part.

In FO3 for some reason they decided to make the BOS seem like nice guys and really in effect the faction in DC is isolated from the BOS core.So the BOS in DC in FO3 are trully an offshot and really a diffrent faction from the core BOS.In FO3 the Outcasts split becuase they wanted to keep following the BOS charter which is first and foremost gather and protect techonolgy becuase people should not have it.

In FONV they choose to follow the cannon a bit better and the BOS is weak and scattered.In FO2 you see the core of the NCR begin to grow and what you see in FONV is the end result of ~100 years of advancment for the NCR and decline for the BOS.

It always bugs me that bit with FO3 and the BOS being nice folks that ahd not played other Fallout games come across with a false impression of the BOS that makes them seem wise when in fact thier ways are foolish in the long term theier ways ensure that sooner or later they will all die out which serves them right really.

The Fallout Bible can tell you much more.
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