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H.M.P^ FooJuice 2013年8月26日 14時00分
failing to update
hi im a massive fan of fallout 2 and know of an unofficial patch that fixes over 800 bugs and problems that the official updates do not. It's called Killap's Unofficial Patch and i believe has had some of the original creators help finish this project.
this said i try to instal the patch and it wont because of the location...im pretty useless at this sort of job so im hoping someone can help me out :)
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°|FC|° Snake Plissken 2013年8月26日 17時53分 
copy the game folder in steam and move it somewhere like c:\Games\Fallout...Install the patch to that location to overwrite the needed files. Then copy it back to the steam folder. This is what I did with the Fallout 2 restoration patch (that is the one i recommend by the way. Version 2.2 came out earlier this year.).
H.M.P^ FooJuice 2013年8月27日 5時17分 
ill give it a look...cheers :)
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