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wobble Jul 8, 2016 @ 12:16pm
Alien Base Raids and Epic Weapons
Note: This guide was updated on 7/25/16

Foreword: This guide is aimed primarily at newer players who haven't invaded many bases and may be struggling to find epic weapons in alien structures.

Overview: I am 140 hours into my first single player file and have destroyed every single alien structure. I have not died in the last 6 drone base raids, 2 mining compex raids, and 3 missile silo raids. This is intended as a guide to help you raid bases and collect epic weapons with a similar track record of survival.

Which sorts of bases have epic weapons? In general the answer is the big ones. Defense outposts, fuel depots, space ports, power stations and small fortresses do not have epic weapon loot, but they are still vital to successfully raiding bigger bases. I have yet to encounter a structure in space that contained epic weapon loot.

As a cautionary note, assaulting large bases is not easy, requires a lot of resources and should not be undertaken lightly.

At last we can begin. Step 1: collecting the things you will need
1. A small vessel. The smaller and more maneuverable, the better. Recommended weapons are rocket launchers for turrets and rail guns for drones/ground forces. The cockpit should be mounted in the back of the vessel or fully enclosed in steel to improve your survivability when assaulting heavily armed bases. I recommend mining cobalt and iron, or stripping hardened steel from existing structures because base assaults are not feasible in vessels made out of ordinary steel. A minimum of three rocket launchers is recommended and a minimum of four rail guns. If you don't have access to materials for rail guns, go with what you can to maximize damage.

Note: It is possible to assault bases with a hover vehicle as well. Artillery turrets operated manually have a long enough range to take out turrets without sustaining much damage. I prefer a small vessel for the reason that you can load it on your CV and move on to the next planet.

Note 2: Digging a trench toward a given base and using hand weapons to take out turrets from ground cover is also a viable approach.

2. Medical supplies. The easiest way to stock up on medical supplies is to find a low tier base like a space port and farm the zirax. They spawn from yellow spawners and drop every medical supply including emergency rations and large med kits. If you are early game or you don't want to exploit spawners, spend some time farming aloe and fiber to craft bandages. For a small drone base, at least 100 bandages are recommended. It is much better to carry around a dozen large med kits and various supplies to cure poison, parasites and wounds.

3. Weapons. I recommend a shotgun and sniper. Leveling up is easy in Empyrion, so there's no reason not to unlock tier 2 shotgun and tier 2 sniper. Shotgun is recommended for easy door breaching (2 shots) and close quarters fights. The sniper is good at taking out spawners and enemies at a distance.

4. Miscellaneous supplies. I recommend a spare core and promethium. Once you find and destroy the core (2 shots with a shotgun) the lights will go out which can be a pain at night. For that reason, I like to put my own core in place and use the promethium fuel packs to run the base for a little while. For ammo, I recommend at least 250 shotgun shells and 500 sniper (a stack of each). I also recommend a multi-tool and a few charges if you plan to strip the base for supplies. Make sure you have plenty of food and oxygen as well.

Now that you have a good small vessel, the right weapons and supplies we can consider tactics.

Small vessel tactics-
The first thing to do is survey the entire moon or planet which you are on to get an idea of what bases are there for you to assault. Once you have identified the epic weapon loot bases, I recommend assaulting the drone bases first to make subsequent assaults easier. Here are some general tactical notes for small vessel piloting.

1. Never get within 300 meters of a base while there are active turrets. Engage between 300 and 350 meters. Focus your attacks on turrets using your rocket launchers. Save the drones for later.

2. When you are within striking distance, never stop moving. Continually strafe side to side and continually modulate your elevation. Alien turrets predict trajectories to an extent so standing still or moving at constant speed in one direction are bad ideas. In short, acceleration is your friend, constant velocity is your enemy.

3. Use terrain and structures to your advantage. If you can hide behind a tower or hill, this will help a lot. You never want to be the focus of all turrets on a base if you can help it.

4. Try to assault during the day. If at night, the muzzle flash of turrets will help you aim in the right direction.

5. Once the turrets have been removed, focus on the drones. They can't do much to you if you stay above them and they don't require any special tactic. In general even a group of drones is not a threat to a small vessel assuming the pilot is smart enough to prevent the drones from arranging a line of fire.

6. If you are attacking a drone base, destroy the drop ship. It will not fight back.

7. Once there are no threats on the outside of the base, take a close flyby and check for spawners on the outside. Take them out with ship guns. It is also usually of benefit to blow a few small holes in the floor, which is also the ceiling of the first level. This will help you make quick escapes if things get too hairy or if you need to protect your vessel from incoming drones.

8. If you are on a drone laden planet or if you are paranoid, dig or blast a hole in the terrain somewhere in which to hide your ship. On moons and lightly defended planets, I usually just park my ship on the base somewhere.

Now that you've done all you need to in your small vessel, it's time to assault on foot.

General notes for ground assault:
1. Go slow! Speed is your enemy. Always survey your surroundings and listen carefully to determine which enemies to expect. With a bit of practice, it will be easy to tell if you are walking into a room with turret bots, crogohms, beasts, armoured golems or whatever.

2. Assault during the day if possible. It is always easier with more light.

3. Situational awareness is key. You should always have an escape route and some idea of where you can find cover. Don't be afraid to flee. The enemies will give chase, spread out and make themselves easier to kill in the process. Stairs, elevators and corners are the best cover.

4. Take time when entering a new room to scan for turrets. You don't want to run into a room guns blazing, mow down some crogohms only to be cut down by turrets.

5. Always take out enemies before spawners. A spawner will take 5 sniper shots or two shotgun shots to take out.

6. Always keep an eye on your ammo. Reloads are manual and timing them is key to surviving large firefights.

7. Always keep an eye on your health. If you get down to 25% or so, it's time to retreat and heal.

8. Keep your jet pack on. Jumping out of harm's way is the best way to avoid melee damage.

9. When encountering groups of mixed enemies, prioritize based on enemy mobility. For example, if fighting crogohms, beasts and an armoured golem, kill the beasts, then the crogohms, then the golem.

10.Enemy specific notes
a)zirax- better to headshot them at distance with a sniper. Their pathing is not incredible so corners and walls are your friend. Try not to engage groups head on because they will cut you down quickly.

b) crawlers- These are only a threat up close due to poison. They are slow and dumb so it is usually easy to pick them off with sniper headshots. They do sometimes come in mixed groups with zirax enemies. Use corners to your advantage and take out the beasts first. Be sure to maintain a distance because they do a fair amount of damage and can inflict open wounds.

c) turret bots- currently their pathing is not very good. They get stuck a lot, but a group of them faced head on will cut you down quickly. Use caution and proceed slowly when you hear their distinctive noises (beeps and mechanical clicks). Try to take them out one at a time. In close quarters, one shotgun shot to the the upper area where the guns and red light are mounted should be sufficient.

d) armoured golems- These guys are slow but very dangerous. Use corners and elevators in particular to keep the distance. It should take around 10 shotgun headshots to take one out, and 15 or more sniper headshots. If the golems are in a mixed group, take out everything else and the spawners first. They deal heavy damage and can inflict open wounds so maintain distance at all costs.

e) auto-turrets- These should always be engaged at a distance. They only take 2-3 sniper shots. Sometimes they are right behind a door or right around a corner in which case they can be dispatched easily with one shotgun blast.

f)horrors- The principle dangers of horrors are the parasite infection and their numbers. When swarmed, jetpack away and flee. They will spread out in the chase and make themselves easier to deal with. One sniper or shotgun headshot will dispatch a horror..

g)Alien Assassins- These guys are dangerous! They are fast and inflict a lot of damage. NEVER face them head on. These have taken the place of overseers and are now man sized. For this reason doors and elevators no longer offer effective cover. The best course of action is to engage at the greatest distance possible. If you have to fight close up, use the jet pack to your advantage and avoid contact at all costs. They inflict heavy damage and open wounds.

11. Base specific notes
a) Drone bases- these are usually not very hard. Interior spaces are small and mixed groups are rare. You can expect a handful of auto turrets. You can expect one epic loot crate in an obvious location right by the core. There is a second variety of drone base which is much larger, but the same notes hold true. The exception being that the large version will have more than one epic loot chest.

b) abandoned mines- these are large, dark and challenging. I recommend tackling a few smaller bases first to build your skills. Make sure to have the cure for parasite infections when tackling these. The only enemies within are horrors and overseers, which are not challenging once you have mastered the tactics for handling them. Mixed groups are rare. The core is not in an obvious location. There is a big room filled with loot crates on conveyor belts. The core is in this area behind two doors and down some stairs near an overseer spawner. The epic loot crate is in the same area and will require destroying a walkway block to access. The crate is visible behind the walkway block and is in the back corner of the room. There is another epic loot crate directly behind the structure that looks like a fan in the room with the conveyor belts laden with white alien loot crates.

c) mining complexes- These are huge and require a lot of supplies. In addition to the horrors and overseers, I have encountered full size artillery turrets underground. Do not engage these on foot. Flee and blast your way down with a ship. This will be a very ammo intensive process. The loot may not be worth your while because the only epic loot crate is easy to access from the surface with a little patience. You can blast your way to it if you find the two round pits full of hazardous waste canisters. The purple crate is directly below the ridge of metal separating the two pits.

d) Missile silos- These bases are huge and very well defended. Like the mining complexes, I recommend 1.5x-2x the normal amount of ammo and health resources. I have also encountered full size turrets underground in these and the same recommendation applies. Run, blast your way into the area and take out the turrets with a ship. If you can't get a ship in there, use corners to your advantage and carry a rocket launcher. It will take 6-8 shots with a rocket launcher to take one turret down. A plasma cannon can also do the trick. Don't try to take care of them up close because they have no trouble tracking at close range.

e) fortress- I've only run across one of these (I forget which planet, but it was green and foggy) and it takes the place of an ordinary drone base. It is huge and extremely well armed. defended. Your small vessel will not survive so strafe it a few times with a CV. This presumes that your CV, like mine, is light and positively covered with turrets. If your CV is not combat steel it may not survive. I recommend around 3x the amount of healing supplies for one of these because they are massive and very hard.

A few closing notes-
Always keep an eye on your radar. If you see a drone and your ship is not hidden or protected, haul ♥♥♥ to your ship and keep it safe.

Backup frequently. This is self explanatory.

On a final note, for the largest bases if you have the patience you can take the "sapper" approach by tunnelling into the base underground. This will save some pain if you can skip the higher levels.

That's all I have, but I hope this is of use to some of you.

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wc Jul 8, 2016 @ 12:32pm 
That was an interesting writeup.

Some of my own experiences have been different, but I think everyone has their own approaches.

Also, for names: recently I have been encountering opponents which look exactly like Crogohms and which appear in exactly the same locations, and would otherwise be exactly the same thing, except that they were named Zirax. So.. some names might be different...

Meanwhile, I remember those four legged dog-like monsters being called "Crawlers". I do not remember seeing other names on them, but I would not be surprised if I had.
BuffHamster Jul 8, 2016 @ 12:50pm 
Thank You Wobble, that is a very well thought out guide. I use some of the methods you described but sometimes adapt to the given specific situation.

You should submit this to the Guides section, maybe add a pic or few?
Lee_3po Jul 8, 2016 @ 12:52pm 
Very nice.
wobble Jul 8, 2016 @ 4:12pm 
Thanks for the feedback! I'll update with some refinements, pictures and the right name for crawlers.

I haven't encountered the Zirax enemies. Perhaps they are a result of the latest update?
Nox Jul 8, 2016 @ 6:21pm 
I always assault ground bases with a very heavy HV with an artilery turret manned by my gunner.

piddlefoot Jul 9, 2016 @ 10:22am 
I just snipe them. Or SV them.
On foot, leave HV out of base fights it gets owned.
Its a defense machine not attack !

Cheaper to just have sniper ammo and snipe em all to death !
Last edited by piddlefoot; Jul 9, 2016 @ 10:22am
wc Jul 9, 2016 @ 10:14pm 
I just checked, and there are currently six different kinds of drone bases, and three different kinds of fortresses.
Azirahael Jul 10, 2016 @ 3:18am 
How do you 'strafe it a few times with a CV' ?

CV guns don't work in atmo, except for the small point-defence type turrets.
wobble Jul 11, 2016 @ 8:07pm 
My CV is small and fast and has more than 2 dozen closely spaced turrets. It can be a pain to line up the shots since they shoot at the base's core, but I have found it stands up better than an SV in the initial assault.
zenparadox Jul 12, 2016 @ 4:29am 
"I recommend mining cobalt and iron, or stripping hardened steel from existing structures because base assaults are not feasible in vessels made out of ordinary steel."

Or you could just learn to fly and not get hit so much ;)
EcVh0 Jul 12, 2016 @ 8:36am 
Awesome tutorial! Just a little heads up for you in case you missed it: there are two rare crates (or one pink one red can't really remember) in abandoned mine, one is at the place of your description and the other is extremely well hidden, hiding behind the what appears to be a fan blade decoratio made by black combat steel block... I found it while inspecting this fan blade masterpiece lol
wobble Jul 12, 2016 @ 2:28pm 
Thanks for the info EcVh0! I will investigate. Updates to the guide will be posted in the next few days.
BuffHamster Jul 12, 2016 @ 2:37pm 
Congrats to Wobble! Your topic is now pinned for easy reference. Makes it easier to find and link to for the new people who have a tough time with the Alien Bases (yes, I did link it somewhere) Yay!
KiwiGD Jul 13, 2016 @ 5:53pm 
Good write up. My approach is by tunnel. Come up under the base and that way you get a fully functional base AND you get the turret goodies if you don't want use the base :)
wobble Jul 13, 2016 @ 8:13pm 
Tunnelling is brilliant! I'm impressed by the creativity of that approach.
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