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Hummel-o-War Oct 27, 2016 @ 4:54am
Need help with BLUEPRINTS? Read on!
FIRST: if your blueprint is marked in any color, you can find out what is happening via console command

1. Open console

2. type in prefabinfo and the name of your blueprint. Example: prefabinfo Attack-Base

This will give you info what is going wrong with your blueprint!


===TYPE A (red)===

## Blueprint Libary (F2) - Contains forbidden block or has wrong version ##

If a blueprint is marked RED in your blueprint libary, this may be a result of

a) blocks that are not allowed in a Survival Game are added to the blueprint

b) the blueprint has been created with a version that is not compatible with your game version

c) your blueprint contains blocks that are outdated due to version-updates and no longer supported

These blocks and devices lead to a RED blueprint:

- Alien Core

- Alien Turrets (Plasma, Laser, Sentries)

- Monster Spawners / NPC Teleporters

- Loot Containers (white, yellow, red, purple)

- Building Blocks that were not converted to the new Block type for CV and BA (You can see this if the blocks do not have the correct HP, which is much higher than pre-4.0)

- Pre-1.0 Alpha Base and Capital building blocks that are not converted to the 4.0 version (This won't happen automatically. Sry for the inconvenience!) or that do not exist in Alpha/Alpha 4.0 anymore (like the 'Interior Blocks')

In order to get the RED label removed,

EITHER spawn your blueprint in CREATIVE and remove or update those blocks and save/overwrite the blueprint.

OR use the replaceblocks command!

For updating your blueprint to the Alpha4.0 standard, use this string in console:

replaceblocks ID -alpha4

The ID of your blueprint can be found like this:
1. Spawn the blueprint
2. open console and type in DI >> a new info overlay will be visible on top of the screen
3. Go close to the structure and note down the ID

===TYPE B (orange)===

## Blueprint Libary (F2) - Exceeds max number for certain block type or blueprint type disabled by server ##

This message pops up for any of your blueprints that are marked ORANGE in your libary either if...

a) You are on a server and the device-count for your blueprint is higher than the server admin allowes to spawn

b) your blueprint exceeds the allowed maximum block count for a certain device in your SINGLEPLAYER game or while you are on a Server with this rule activated

- The message is generated client-side, so don't get irritated if you are not on a server. This is not a flexible message that is adapted based on your play location.
- These message can not be removed by "converting". You need to manually remove the overcount.

## Blueprint DEVICE-COUNT limit (a) ##

Each server owner can decide about the size of the ships or bases he wants to allow to be spawned from the blueprint menu. This does NOT influence Singleplayer or Creative!

- You can build larger than the limit in Creative and Singleplayer
- You can not spawn it if you are on a server that has the Device-Count limit set lower than your desired Blueprint

Limits are:

device count: 50, 250, 500, 1000, 1500
Class 1: <50 = 1
Class 2: 50<250 = 2
Class 3: 250<500 = 3
Class 4: 500 < 1000 = 4
Class 5: 1000 < 1500 = 5
Class 6: >1500 = 6

You can see the device count of your blueprint in the info panel on the right side, when selecting the structure in the libary.

## Blueprint DEVICE limit (b) ##

Certain devices like turrets and weapons have a limit per structure.
- You can add more than the limit in Creative
- You can not spawn the blueprint in a standard Surival-Singleplayer
- You can not spawn it if you are on a server that has the Maxlimit rule active.
- You can spawn the structure if you are on a server that does not enforce the Maxlimit rule.

Devices limited are

- Repair Pad (1 per CV, 1 per BA)

- Fixed Weapons SV/HV

Gatling Gun - 6
Pulse Laser - 4
Plasma Cannon - 4
Railgun Rocket - 4
Launcher - 4

- Turrets HV

Minigun Turret - 6
Plasma Turret - 4
Rocket Turret - 4
Artillery Turret - 1

- Turrets CV and Base

Minigun Turret - 6
Cannon Turret - 6
Pulse Laser - 6
Flak Turret - 6
Rocket Turret - 4
Plasma Turret - 4
Artillery Turret - 2
- Fixed Weapons CV

Rocket Launcher - 4
Pulse Laser - 6