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Soüp 2012年11月21日 21時52分
Smart Camera option doesn't work?
I turned Smart Camera off, and the camera still turns when I sidestep and auto-levels when I walk forward. Isn't this option supposed to disable all that automatic camera adjustment nonsense?
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Krimsun 2013年1月1日 17時47分 
Soüp 2013年1月1日 23時08分 
Well I ended up playing the game with a gamepad because I couldn't turn this off. Would still be nice to have a fix.
micketeer 2013年2月17日 17時50分 
I gave up having good camera controls and just pushed through anyway. This option does absolutely nothing.
DFJustin 2013年2月19日 11時38分 
Which platform are you playing on that this occurs?
Soüp 2013年2月19日 14時07分 
Windows 7 64 bit
Voodooman 2013年2月21日 4時50分 
As i can remember - it worked before, seems like one of latest patches broke this.
最近の変更はVoodoomanが行いました; 2013年2月21日 4時50分
Romløk 2014年5月22日 12時11分 
This is apparently still broken.
I just got to Sasha's mind, where facing in the right direction really starts to matter, and the antics of the so-called "smart" camera had me swearing profusely at the game.
So it looks like thisis now going to be another one of those games on my "maybe after another patch" list.
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