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Levyathyn Oct 30, 2012 @ 2:39am
Long load times/not loading, no apparent reason
I got Psychonauts for the second time no long ago, this time on Steam. My old computer had no problem running it, even did so fairly well, but I was in the process of building the gaming computer I am now using. Despite being better in every capacity, and running numerous other games with no problem, my computer gets seemingly nigh infinite load times on Psychonauts.

On start, Psychonauts stops responding, and though it eventually loads, at least usually, the same thing happens in game anytime a loading screen comes up. I can sometimes force a load by Alt -Tabbing out and going back in, but not always. I've also tried using both Windows 98 and Windows XP compatibility modes, and I've tried verifying the game files, which gives me the message, '1 files failed to vailidate and will be reacquired.', after which nothing ever happens. Lastly, I tried deleting and redownloading/reinstalling the entire game twice, to no avail.

There's some other slowdown problems with this new computer, but with other games like Crysis and Borderlands 2 running with incredibly fast load times, I've begun to wonder if Psychonauts itself is just messed up for me. Any ideas?
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MartiniDeluxe Dec 21, 2012 @ 1:13pm 
I am having exactly the same problem. It's frustrating because I really enjoy the game, but 20-30 minute load times (when it loads at all) dampen my enthusiasm.
Levyathyn Dec 21, 2012 @ 1:45pm 
I ended up solving this in a few steps. Firstly, my new computer defaulted to running DriverVerifier.exe from startup, so I had to stop them and manually shut it off. I also got rid of one of my diagnostic programs that was interfering with my registry, and that took care of most of it. You might want to see if Verifier is running on your computer.
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