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globalmcmillian 2013년 9월 21일 오전 12시 21분
Tired of Trying...
So here goes my first steam rant, hopefully my final if anyone can give me a fix. I've tried to unistall and reinstall, verify the cache (one file didn't verify every time I do it), tried almost every compatibility mode (yes I tried 95). The game minimizes (before any video, just a black screen) but even when minimized it acts as if it's working, playing the audio just fine. I've posted a thread, but have deleted it as no one posted anything of use. The steam "helpers" or whatever they are asked me if I'd "checked the support faq." -_- Are you kidding me... I used ctrl f to find anything of value in their thread and nothing helped. Does anyone know how to fix this, if not how do I get a refund? I refuse to have an unplayable game in my library whether it's worth $2 or $60, its the principle of the matter, if I buy a game I expect to play it. I understand I have to work with some games like Fable the lost chapters to get them to work, however when I'm on my 35th try I expect some progress... Steam fix this problem, many people are having the same issue, and many more are experiencing random crashes.
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intok 2013년 9월 21일 오후 5시 29분 
Try it in Linux, works perfectly for me there.
globalmcmillian 2013년 9월 22일 오후 8시 06분 
Solution: Reduce resolution to 1280 x 768, this works with this game and any other game that minimizes on startup. Maybe I can eventually find a true fix, but at the moment I can play Psyconauts and Command and Conquer (both minimized upon startup). Also, the steam forum helpers need to post this on the support faq.
Rabble Bot 2014년 2월 27일 오후 6시 57분 
I have the exact same problem. How did you reduce your resolution?
Old School Nerd 2014년 3월 2일 오후 3시 30분 
It works when I plug a TV into my laptop, but if not, I had to change the resolution on my laptop directly. Right click on your desktop, and adjust from there. (I am assuming you are on Windows)
globalmcmillian 2014년 3월 3일 오후 5시 03분 
This is a multiple monitor problem, at least for me it was. If you have more than one monitor disable the extra(s). That is why the laptop and tv screen are causing you to turn down your resolution Old school. Have you tried to duplicate the screen instead of expanding it? This may fix your problem. I don't have to turn down the resolution if I disable my other two monitors.
Old School Nerd 2014년 3월 5일 오후 5시 50분 
Actually, what was odd for me is that it all works fine when I'm on multiple monitors (the 2nd is a TV). When I boot the game up, it automatically adjusts to the necessary resolution. On a single monitor, my laptop, I had to manually adjust the resolution. It didn't auto-scale
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