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Wayne.Mayne 2013年9月19日 14時16分
Help I love this game
Can any of you shed any insight into this game crash that occurs every time for me? There is a white hall at what looks to be the end of the training course, after the revolving room. At the end of that hall a cinematic starts playing and every time my game crashed right there. Please help me I love this game, have LOLed so many times and the game has just begun. Ideas?
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Wayne.Mayne 2013年9月19日 22時15分 
andrewb 2013年9月20日 11時27分 
Run it under windows 98/ME compatibility, my game was crashing from time to time and this solved the problem for me.
Wayne.Mayne 2013年9月27日 15時54分 
how do I do that in steam again? I have tried validating the game cache as well and it always says one file needs to be reacquired but it never gets it. I have even done fresh installs too.
lacus_veris 2013年9月27日 17時32分 
right click psychonauts from your library ----- properties ----------- local files ------------ browse local files ---------- search for the exe, right click on it ----------- properties ---------- compatibility
Wayne.Mayne 2013年9月28日 13時17分 
changing compatibility fixed the problems I was having. Thanks yous
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Psychonauts > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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