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Jim Pansen 2013年9月18日下午5:03
FIX for camera problem with xbox 360 type controllers under Linux/Ubuntu
A lot of People seem to have a camera problem with the game, running it on Linux/ubuntu and using a Xbox 360 type controller. The problem is, that the camera will spin to the right constantly, due to faulty bindings. But this problem is easy to fix:

You have to edit the config file manually... go to:

and edit the ini file that has the name of your profile ("your profile".ini).

There you have to edit the following lines exactly like they are seen below... this will fix the camera problem!


Have fun!
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medeshago 2014年3月2日下午9:10 
Thanks a lot.
saturnoyo 2015年2月11日下午1:21 
Thanks, it did work!
The Collector 2015年3月22日下午5:13 
I have an issue with my 360 type controller when playing. When i run forwards with either the joystick or the arrow pad, the camera always zooms up all the way as if i am doing it with the right joystick. I messed with the camera settings in-game and now have it where the camera will go to full aerial view when i run forward. Its playable but I would really like it to be normal. Any thoughts?
Jim Pansen 2015年3月22日下午11:04 
Sorry, don't know this problem, Insect Lord. Which Linux-distro do you use and what kind of controller. Does the controller behave normally in other games on your Linux-distro?
The Collector 2015年3月23日下午12:26 
Oh sorry, I don't use Linux. Missed that part. I haven't played to many games with my controller so far so I am not sure if it will be a consistant issue. It is a Logitech F710 PC controller
Jim Pansen 2015年3月23日下午8:27 
Then I guess the problem is the controller driver. Some games seem to have issues with xinput, if the controller is not a original Microsoft controller. Just buy a x360 controller or better the Xbox One controller on Ebay. They are not that expensive, if you buy a used one... especially the x360 controller.

Oh! I forgot to mention... some games have problems with controllers, if you have a second one connected... or a bluetooth keyboard. If so.... disconnect the device(s) and try again.

Best Luck!
NoskLo 9月15日下午3:10 
My controller is original xbox 360 for sure bought directly from microsoft and I have the issue. Using the config file above solved it for me. Thanks.
Alex 10月3日上午8:11 
For those who have camera problems on a mac while using a ps4 dualshock4 (ds4) controller via cable, like a friend of mine and myself, i found a solution with the hint from this post.

The problem was no menu control and the camera looking to the sky or the ground all the time. If you try to remap the stick it jumps back and the menu does some funny stuff.

What to do: You have to hold one direction of one dimension on the right stick (up/down or right/left) and then click, while holding, on the fitting button for remapping. After doing that the ini-file looks like that:

LookUp_Alt=JoyRotX LookDown_Alt=JoyRotX LookLeft_Alt=JoyZ LookRight_Alt=JoyZ

Now the game run very nice. Have fun!
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