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ifthisthenthat 2013年9月17日下午3:24
Game Starts, Self Minimizes. Can't Play.
As the title says, I just can't play this game.

I've tried running as admin, compatability mode for win95, manual install of redist folder exes.

I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 bit
AMD Phenom 9750 QuadCore 2.4 GHz
nvidia GT 630

I've checked every post in this forum, read through a few support pages of the official forum.

Found nothing that can help me.

Hoping for some kind of a workaround,

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icravecookies 2013年9月17日下午11:39 
Having the same problem.

Note, every time I verify the cash for this game, it says it can't validate the file and tries unsuccessfully to redownload.

Intel i7-2600K @ 3.4GHz
8 GB
64 bit
AMD Radeon HD 6900
Dual Screens at different resolutions

Tried several compatability modes.
最后由 icravecookies 编辑于; 2013年9月17日下午11:55
fatalicon 2013年9月18日下午6:49 
having the same issue intel i7-3770k @ 3.5
16 gb
Nvidia GTX 680
mikeydsc 2013年9月18日下午7:13 
try to delete game and then redownload
最后由 mikeydsc 编辑于; 2013年9月18日下午7:14
ifthisthenthat 2013年9月18日下午7:23 
引用自 mikeydsc
try to delete game and then redownload

Have tried this already, thanks for the suggestion though.

Interested to see if this worked for anybody else.
icravecookies 2013年9月20日下午10:07 
re-install didn't work.
icravecookies 2013年9月20日下午10:10 
still keeps failing on validation of the files. I don't see any way to play this on my computer at this point...
ifthisthenthat 2013年9月20日下午11:21 
I get the fail on validation too. Before and after delete/reinstall. So many people claim this to be an epic game, wish I could see for myself. Until then, *fartnoise*
DannyV6200 2013年9月21日上午4:05 
Install windows XP on the same hard drive and play it on that. you'll never have another issue again. google search for "how to install windows XP on same hard drive as windows 7"
ifthisthenthat 2013年9月21日上午8:29 
Sorry DannyV6200.... I'm not about to install another operating system on my PC for one game. Thanks for the workaround though. :)
Yogi 2014年8月15日下午6:23 
"The game minimizes on startup.

Try reducing the resolution to 1280 x 768."
It helped
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